Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shoes That Every Girl Should Own. [Fall/Winter Edition]

In my opinion, there are certain shoes that are must-haves for Fall and Winter. These are not necessarily the shoes you use once in a lifetime (such as heels, etc), but more the shoes that are very versatile and that you'll definitely find are a great piece to be able to fall back on. These shoes are some of my personal favorites, as well as shoes I recommend or just see as a great piece for your closet:

1. Riding Boots

boots boots boots!

These babies are my foundation for Fall. Seriously. If you don't already have a pair, you definitely should look into getting some! They come in a ton of different colored leathers, with different buckles, etc, on them. Riding boots go really well with any pair of skinny jeans, a sweater, or a dress. Tights, Leggings, and Jeans all look great with these boots. Also, try wearing boot socks or legwarmers inside of them so that they peek out a little from the top, as in the picture. (Not only does that help to keep you warmer, but with the right thing, it's adorable!)

2. Ugg Boots

Pinned Image

Uggs are great for Fall and Winter. They come in a ton of different styles, heights, colors, and designs, so anyone can find at least one pair that suits their style and personality! I own the black sequined Uggs (shown above), as well as plain gray Uggs, which are great when you want something comfortable that goes with pretty much everything. Most Uggs also include a super-plush fur lining inside, which adds to the comfort and warmth of the shoes. They also have a decent tread on the soles, so tackling icy winter days usually isn't too much of a challenge here! Also, I do know that there are a lot of Ugg knock-offs, but if you have the opportunity to opt for the real deal, definitely do! They hold up much better than the fake brands, and they are of a much higher quality.
(By the way, I am not payed to promote any of these brands. My thoughts are from personal experience and I only want to share what I know!)

3. Rain Boots

I stole this from ali.. seriously, the most gorgeous rainboots ever!

Seeing this, you may be rolling your eyes. Rain Boots? Seriously?! Yes. Rain boots may not always be the most fashionable thing, but if you can find the right pair,  you're as good as gold. For example, look at the photo above. The glossy red boots accented with adorable red ribbons on the back will automatically brighten up any outfit. Of course, these would be best with a more neutral outfit, since too many colors in one outfit is NEVER a good thing, unless done correctly. Wear rain boots on the days with the worst weather; the weather may be trying to get you down, but with these boots, not only will your feet stay perfectly dry, but you will also look upbeat and cute in these boots. One brand I really recommend checking out is Hunter. Their rain boots are great, the quality is amazing, and they come in a bunch of styles and colors. Whether it's purple, yellow, red, or blue, pick the boot that best fits you! :D Haha, yes, I went there.

4. Mocassins

Pinned Image

Mocassins are a great in-between shoe to wear during the cooler days of fall and the warmer days of winter. They come in a huge variety of colors (whether you're looking for a bright color, a metallic, or a more traditional neutral) and styles. They can be plush and warm, or simplistic and cooler. This is a great shoe for anyone, because mocassins are so widely popular, and they're made to tailer to both men and women of any age group. Once again, these aren't probably the shoe you should choose to wear with your little black dress or your designer skirt, but mocassins are a great shoe to have in your closet for more laid-back fashion days.

5. Sorel Boots

SorelSorel Boots

Sorel boots are a great piece to have in your closet for when the weather turns bad. They resemble a more-fashionable snow boot, but the company designs a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and colors for you to choose from. They are very waterproof, so rain, snow, and ice is never a problem. Plus, a great tread on the bottom of the shoe allows you to walk easily without slipping. You are able to choose Sorels with unique patterns, colors, etc (top left), or opt for a more traditional version that will still look fashion-forward for winter. Whatever you pick, Sorels will allow you to stay warm and dry while still looking cute on those aweful winter days.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed today's post!
Much Love, Haley Noel. :)
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